The Right Stuff Birdseed

The Right Stuff Birdseed is a unique, premium blended bird seed only available from The Birdhouse Nature Store. Read on to discover the secret and magic of this exclusive bird food.

Bobbi M. Wright - Portrait photo in monochrome
Bobbi Wright
Owner, The Birdhouse Nature Store

History – The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff Birdseed Blend was developed by the original owner of The Birdhouse Nature Store, Connie Crowe many years ago.

She was trying to find an all-purpose seed blend that would satisfy the birds and the home-owners that would purchase it from her store.

So many birdseed blends on the market contain fillers that just end up on the ground, uneaten. The ground birds might pick up some, but still, waste is waste and nobody needs that.

The birds know what they like and you’ll know too by what’s haphazardly tossed off and discarded beneath your feeders. Wild birds aren’t picky – they are discerning.

They know good quality, fresh, nutritious food, and they’ll turn their beaks up at anything less than that.

The really frustrating part is that you’re paying for what they don’t eat.

Connie, meticulously tested different seeds on her own property and noted what was and was not eaten, in what proportions, and eventually developed the recipe that still exists today – The Right Stuff.

It’s quickly become a favourite in the Quinte region. The birds and their faithful bird feeder fillers have been letting us know for years that The Right Stuff Seed Blend is what works in their feeders.

Now, the Right Stuff is getting an upgrade! The best birdseed just got better.

The Right Stuff Premium

What is better than “Right”?

Kindness is what comes to mind and in doing a weird google search, the internet confirmed it. Kindness wins. It’s better to be kind than right.

So then, what is better than The Right Stuff Bird Seed Blend? Nothing really to my mind – it’s hard to make a better formula that what we know works well and draws thousands of birds to customers’ feeders all year round. It’s tried and true. Right? Right. But…

Life teaches you that when you know better, you do better.

You only have to watch the tenacity of a squirrel as she tackles a feeder for the 100th time until she masters the jump needed to reach the source of food that in her mind means the difference between life and death for her small brood. When she successfully makes the jump just once, she’s got it down pat. At least until someone hangs a Squirrel Buster Feeder! 😉

My learning curve in this business has been huge and it doesn’t seem to stop! Learning about birds and their eating preferences and habits, learning about business practices, finances, employees, social media, etc. And just recently some conversations were initiated that stopped me in my tracks and made me realize..

The Right Stuff can be better!

We’ve been using raw peanuts in the formula for quite some time now and I didn’t see anything wrong with that. The birds and squirrels were not fussed one way or the other. I knew that raw peanuts were susceptible to mold in certain conditions, but my understanding was the risk was low, and they were being eaten fast enough so in the busyness of learning the business I really didn’t think too much about it. Until now.

Upgrading The Right Stuff

We are upgrading The Right Stuff by eliminating the raw peanuts and adding roasted peanuts instead!

We’ve always known that the birds like Roasted peanuts better – we don’t understand why exactly, as the birds can’t smell them the way that we do, or so the “educated” school of thought has run. But even this thought is changing which makes way more sense to my mind!

One of the only complaints I’ve heard about the Right Stuff is that the raw peanuts sometimes clog the flow in feeders. Because they’re raw, they are susceptible to moisture and can swell, and the red skins seem to stick and slow things down. So this will eliminate that.

But even better is the elimination of the potential for the mold toxins that can hide in raw peanuts and cause health problems for pretty much every living creature from humans to livestock and yes, the birds.

We could continue with the raw. But why would we when we know the birds not only like the roasted peanuts better, they flow better, AND they are the healthier choice. 🙂

Re-Introducing The Right Stuff Bird Seed Blend. Premium model!

This will replace The Right Stuff as you’ve known it. Upgraded. You’ll love it and you’ll love feeding it to your birds.

When you know better you do better. Not just because it’s RIGHT. But because it’s also KIND.

PS: May 2020

The Right Stuff upgrade, unfortunately like most things in life, coincides with a price increase. There have been many price fluctuations in all of the components of The Right Stuff during the time I’ve owned The Birdhouse (almost 3 years!), and I’ve just absorbed the increases thus far. The new pricing reflects proper 2020 market pricing for the premium seed that The Right Stuff has become. Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine in creating products that we are proud to put on the market in support of nature. No fillers, healthy, nutritious, and it all gets eaten! Pound for pound that can’t be beaten.

* Isaac, Susan. (1994). Peanuts and the health of wild birds: Do fungal toxins cause their demise?. Mycologist. 8. 135-136. 10.1016/S0269-915X(09)80161-4.

Buy Now!

The Right Stuff Premium Bird Seed is available in both prepacked bags and in bulk through our unique refillable bucket program. The Right Stuff is just part of our diverse range of bird seed and bird food.

The Perfect Feeder

The Right Stuff Birdseed Blend deserves the best feeder and there is none better that the SquirrelBuster® Plus, a premium squirrel-proof bird feeder for the perfect bird seed blend.

SquirrelBuster® Plus w/Cardinal Ring

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