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The Right Stuff Birdseed Blend was developed by the original owner of The Birdhouse Nature Store, Connie Crowe many years ago.

She was trying to find an all-purpose seed blend that would satisfy the birds and the home-owners that would purchase it from her store.

So many birdseed blends on the market contain fillers that just end up on your ground, uneaten. The ground birds might pick up some, but still. 


Waste is waste and nobody needs that!


The birds know what they like and you’ll know too by what’s haphazardly tossed off and discarded beneath your feeders. Wild birds aren’t picky – they are discerning.

They know good quality, fresh, nutritious food, and they’ll turn their beaks up at anything less than that.


The really frustrating part is that you’re paying for what they don’t eat.


Connie, meticulously tested different seeds on her own property and noted what was and was not eaten, in what proportions and eventually developed the recipe that still exists today – The Right Stuff.

It’s quickly become a favourite in the Quinte region. The birds and their faithful bird feeder fillers have been letting us know for years that The Right Stuff Seed Blend is what works in their feeders.

In taking over the store in October of 2017, Bobbi understood that you don’t fix what isn’t broken!


The Right Stuff Birdseed Blend is a customer and bird favorite throughout the region.


Hand mixed daily from prime sourced, fresh ingredients, with much pride and love for the process by the staff who love the birds they’re mixing it for.

 Honestly. If you’ve invested in your feeders and you want success at attracting the birds to them, The Right Stuff will happily get the job done. If you haven’t tried it yet you should – they won’t be disappointed!

Female Cardinal eating The Right Stuff

Female Cardinal eating The Right Stuff

Available in 20lb, 10lb, 5lb bags and 1lb gift bags.

Now also available in

20lb Refillable Buckets! Join the program and earn 10lbs free!  

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