Squirrel Proof

The only feeders that we here at The Birdhouse will call Squirrel Proof is the Brome Squirrel Buster® line. Engineered to foil the red and Eastern Grey Squirrels at every turn, all with the best warranty in the backyard birding business from Brome to replace parts where necessary for free! They’re lifetime feeders and we are proud to have them in-store to help our customers who have made it a life’s mission to foil the squirrels! The important thing to note with these feeders is that they must be hung 16-18” out from the post, pole or wall to be successful. Otherwise, the clever little devils will drape themselves and not trigger the mechanism to keep them out of the seed. We also carry the appropriate hardware in-store and online to make these work in your backyard. These feeders will save you money in the seed department.

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