The Princess and The Whale is the first children’s story written by author Bobbi M Wright.   Beautifully written, and magically illustrated, it is sure to delight little girls everywhere and inspire them to be brave.
In early 2014, just prior to a massive life changing event, I had a vivid dream of walking on beach and seeing this huge whale breaching out of the dark waters in front of the most incredible moon. We looked eye to eye and I noticed her gullet was full. In that weird way that only dreams possess, I was not only myself walking on the beach, but I was the whale too. The colours in the dream were spectacular, and it was only a few months later, after the life changing event, that I understood what the dream meant. It was God’s, or the Universe’s, way of letting me know that I was going to be just fine, and that my needs were going to be met. I would not only survive, but possibly even thrive. The dream had such an impact that I knew I had to paint it. And I am not a painter, but this pic is of the painting I managed to do in the summer of 2015 – it took me that long to muster the courage to put paint to canvas! Early in 2016, a story that I had written for my oldest daughter Hannah when she was 7 and struggling to understand where God was after experiencing a bullying episode that forever changed how she viewed the world, showed up after being lost for several years. Reading the story again for the first time after so long, I raised my head and found myself staring at my painting. The similarity was shocking and I realized that I needed to get it into book format. It needs to be shared. The Princess and The Whale. And so it unfolds….
Bobbi M Wright was born in Trenton ON and raised in the Quinte area. She moved to the Oakville/Milton area for school, got married and had 2 beautiful daughters. Since life rarely stays the same, she now lives with her daughters in the town of Milton, along with 2 dogs who do their best to be entertaining in the way that only dogs can.

Featured Book Review

“During my career, I have read hundreds of books to my classes. The best ones had to have a story that kids could relate to and grabbed their imagination. I feel that your book succeeds on every level. Judy has talked a few times about writing a children’s book and when she did it was both our opinions that the illustrations were very important. Your book works at this level as well. One of the most powerful parts of your book is the cover picture. It makes me want to open it up and read it.
One of the most powerful parts of your book is the cover picture. It makes me want to open it up and read it.
If this book were on my classroom shelf, it would be missing every night as students would want it in their backpack. When you were reading it today it took about 10 min. Which is perfect for the classroom and a book for kids to read to parents. I cannot offer any faults, and yes I am a bit biased, but font size, everything just fits.This first publication is a great piece of polished work and as Judy said to me tonight, it was a real honour to have attended the launch today. I believe you have a great future as a writer. Take care and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Gordon Ghent, Retired Teacher, Dec 17th, 2016

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