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Lessons of the Woodpecker

In native spiritual lore the woodpecker carries far more meaning than just being a pretty bird who pecks at trees.   She heralds upcoming great change in the life of the person she has chosen to bestow her presence on. That opportunity is knocking and it’s up to...

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Je Suis Belle…I am Beautiful

It was my birthday yesterday. I am 46 years old and I'm wandering the streets of beautiful Paris with the wide eyed wonder of a child! I enjoyed an easy morning, did some errands and then headed for the beautiful Musée de Rodin.  Up to this point my favourite museum...

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The Parisian Empty Nest

I am sitting out on the terrace of my 7th floor apartment in the 11th arrondissement in Paris.   It’s 10:09pm on the 18th of July and the scorching sun of today is finally fading. My girls left today. I sent them off to Charles De Gaul airport at about 8:30am...

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First Few Days in Paris

Wednesday July 12 It’s day three for me here in Paris. The first few days were a little slow, with not near enough sleep and some serious jet lag. The last week in fact has been a whirlwind of activity. Actually, if I’m honest, the last several months have been...

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Embracing the Awkwardness of Stillness

In a regular busy life, stillness doesn't seem to be a concept I can easily jump on board with. Back in late 2016 I had the pleasure of winning tickets to the Women Living Big event in Toronto. It was a fantastic day, great speakers, awesome content, wonderful...

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A Moment of Bravery Will Change Everything

Welcome! It was just about a year ago when I made the fateful but brave decision that something I had written was worthy of printing. I felt I'd had such a massive light bulb moment that NOT printing was not an option at all! Bravery had not been in my vocabulary for...

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