Bobbi M. Wright from the Birdhouse - Portrait photo in monochrome

Bobbi M. Wright



The current owner of The Birdhouse, Bobbi Wright was born in Trenton and raised in various locations throughout the Quinte area.

12 years of which were in Brighton ON. She attended and graduated from high school at ENSS in 1991. She moved away to attend college in Oakville for Music Theatre, but soon found herself living and creating a life in the GTA with her two girls. As life changes, she found herself reinventing what life looked like in 2014 and published her first children’s book in December of 2016, “The Princess and The Whale”

In the start of 2017, Bobbi found herself in the midst of massive life change yet again. Her house was up for sale, and she had the choice of landing anywhere, but the pull to come home to the Brighton area was strong.

When that decision was made, Bobbi literally said out loud to herself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if a place like The Birdhouse came up for sale?!”

But of course at that point, it was not and so she proceeded with plans to purchase a new home close to the downtown core of Brighton.

Then came the notice on Facebook that The Birdhouse was, in fact, for sale.

However, it was for sale lock stock and barrel with the property it had resided in for so many years on County Road 40 in Wooler, so she put it aside thinking it was still out of reach. On a trip to Belleville in June to sign books in Indigo, she stopped by The Birdhouse to say hello to her friend who is the daughter-in-law of Connie Crowe who was the owner at that time. Seeing the store for the first time in person outside of Facebook, Bobbi fell in love with it and started to wonder if it was a possibility.

On the way home that day back to Milton ON, 4 or 5 birds weirdly dive-bombed her car on the 401. And she had 3 unusual encounters with woodpeckers (Hairy, Downy and Pileated) over the next week.

It left her thinking that perhaps the birds themselves were trying to let her know that opportunity was knocking and The Birdhouse was a great idea for her.

When the Crowe’s announced that they were separating the business from the house, it all fell into place and Bobbi, just before she left for a month in France in July of 2017 to write, secured The Birdhouse for her own. When she returned from France, she hit the tarmac running and attended her first vendor show in Toronto and began building ideas for taking over The Birdhouse.

The purchase became official on October 2nd and shortly after it was announced that the house that the Wooler Birdhouse resided in, was sold. With a new family moving in and taking over the whole property it was clear The Birdhouse was on the move and in very short order!

Doug McRae offered the current location at 240 Presqu’ile Parkway Brighton and very quickly, the building that had lied dormant and asleep for a few years came back to life!



The Birdhouse Nature Store






Catherine at the front desk of The Birdhouse

Catherine at the front desk inside the new Birdhouse!



Hi my name is Catherine!

I began working at The Birdhouse over 4 years ago in Wooler with the original owner, Connie Crowe.  I learned so much from her and continue to pass on this knowledge to our amazing customers!

I’m an avid cook, cookbook reader, thrift store shopper and beach glass comber!  A good cup of coffee, great food and exceptional wine makes me very happy!

In the summertime, you will most likely find my family and I in Presquíle whether we’re biking, swimming, camping or fossil finding.

I love working at The Birdhouse and thoroughly enjoy meeting all the people who choose to walk through our door!




Susan from The Birdhouse


Hi, I’m Susan – Just call me the old bird!

I started working for Connie (previous owner) at the Birdhouse when it was in the calf barn on the farm just outside of Wooler. Then we moved to the big white house in Wooler.
As of November the 2nd, we have moved once more and have nestled into our new location at 240 Presqu’ile Parkway in Brighton, ON with a new owner, Bobbi Wright.
My husband and I enjoy spending lots of time with family and friends. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and scrapbooking. In my quiet time I enjoy sipping a good cup of coffee while watching the birds at the feeders in our back yard.
 Remember Birds of a Feather Flock Together.
Look forward to seeing you at “The Birdhouse”!


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