Is there anything Covid hasn’t touched in 2020?

It’s been a rough year to be sure, for each and everyone of us. On all sorts of levels. This virus has changed how we move through the world and how we see it. It’s changed how we interact with people, while walking down the street (wide berths for everyone!) and while doing what used to be simple transactions such as walking into the post office or a store to get the things we need.

Some people have lost loved ones. The world may have shut down but life and death continues and if you’re watching social media, the posts for those who have lost someone has been devastating. The demand for social distancing out weighs the human need for touch while grieving. Solace is given through video screens and over phones.

Businesses are struggling, or closed. Line ups are still happening for what used to be routine tasks. Social distancing still keeps us from fully interacting with friends and extended family. We hold our breath for normal to come back. Will it? I’m not sure to be honest.

Even in Stage 3 of reopening we are hearing rumblings of possible future closures as numbers start to climb into what could be our second wave. Kids just started school in person today, which I can only imagine to be a jumbled emotional curveball of excitement of seeing friends after so long, and anxiety from being away from family after a solid sense of security within your own 4 walls through the longest March Break in history. Teachers are eager to teach and do what they are built to do, but are nervous at the lack of safety that doesn’t seem to be available to them, but is demanded at a higher level for every other worker and person in the province.

What I know to be true is this. There have been blessings in all of this. Family time. For some, rest in a manner they haven’t know rest before. Reading, puzzles, craft time. Family closeness that probably hasn’t been seen 50 years just by virtue of forced time together. Recognition that life is short and the time to tell the people you love them is now. There is a deeper recognition of what is truly important, and the social changes that need to happen to make the world a better place for all of us. Every one of us need to be seen, heard and loved.

Mother Nature continues in all her splendour and in those moments of Covid Fatigue when the stress of those four walls coming closer is getting to you, you can walk outside, find a tree, look up and breathe. Marvel in the micro things of nature. Tree bark patterns, the birds in a field fattening up for the trip south, the ridges in the sand built by the water rolling up to shore. The autumn leaves are creeping in and the mornings are cooler which is a lovely respite from the thick air of the summer to my mind. The birds are shifting as they gather and decide who will stay and who will go.

Regardless of what is coming up, The Birdhouse will be here, plugging along. If we have to shut our doors in the fight against Covid we will go back to online and telephone orders to keep all of us safe. We know that what we do here helps you connect to nature and helps ground you from the external crazy of the world as it does us. Life doesn’t ever stop changing, and I think all of this is helping us to become all the more resilient and flexible to change. Right? I’m going to imagine all of us nodding in agreement to that one!

All this being said, I do need to mention that there is a significant change coming to The Birdhouse. It’s not a secret, but it’s not quite time to share it yet either. Stay tuned for updates! It’s pretty exciting really!

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