I am down to my last week in Paris.


The first week and a half was filled with adventures to different places around Paris and it was spectacular. The beauty of this city is astounding. There are very few corners you can come round without stumbling onto some magical piece of architecture or monument that doesn’t take your breath away.


Nothing is ever done in half measure, it seems.


It’s a go big or go home mentality. Even the majority of artwork in this city is of such a size that it blows your mind. Most of the world is daunted by the size of a regular 8×11” piece of paper, if they were asked to draw a picture. Canvas’s larger than a wall in a large room would send the feint of heart running for their lives! And yet here it is the norm.


When I first arrived and the girls were here, there were unbelievable amounts of people in Paris in time for the Bastille Day celebrations. 


Standing in line at the Eiffel Tower proved to be idiocy – especially when we got close enough after an hour to see the signs that said “Walk up stairs only” and there was still at least another 3 hours wait to go. We bailed. The other 2 lines were moving slower for the elevator lifts. We got to see the Paris skyline from the Dome at Sacre Coeur, it was stunning and it would have to be enough. I think my girls were miffed at how much I made them walk through the streets of Paris, but truth be told, I really think it’s really the best way to do it!


When they left, and after I had celebrated my birthday on my own which was actually an incredible day, I crashed!


In equal measure to the adventure in Paris came the need for balance by way of stillness.


Having given myself this month in Paris, and knowing my girls were being taken care of and that I had absolutely zero responsibilities to deal with day to day, my brain and body packed it in. The weather turned to crap too and while there were maybe a handful of sun sightings I could hardly bring myself to leave the apartment and get food at either the local grocery store or at a nearby restaurant. If I did it meant a nap before and a nap after. I read and this feels like a miracle all by itself. 3 books so far. I’ve barely read anything over the last 3 years. I watched movies and watched a Kyle Cease series (great stuff if you’re interested!).


What a cacophony of emotion!


I dealt with grief, fatigue, and excitement.  There was crying and I hate crying, but I totally respect that it was needed. I slept, I buzzed (cappuccino assisted) and I laughed – thank you Kyle Cease! I was very introspective and evaluated much of the last several months, learning much about myself. Distraction is an addiction I need to let go of so I can be in the moment more, and worry about tomorrow less.


I haven’t quite gotten the writing done that I wanted to, that I intended to, but looking back at that week of fatigue and growth, I’m thinking that’s perfectly fine. Obviously the months leading up to July were more stressful than I was even aware of. Stillness is such a gift.


I am so grateful that I had the time and space for rest and healing. 


I come home to Canadian soil in 6 days. Home is a bit of sensitive spot, as home is borrowed from loving friends and family between August and mid October when my new house will hopefully be ready and not pushed off for a further closing. I miss my girls a lot. It always amazes me how much I miss them! I am so grateful for the internet and video chat. I think this summer is a learning adventure for all 3 of us as we go our separate ways. And it’s not always easy, at least not for me.


I can’t wait to see my girls, friends and family and the wild greenery and waters of Ontario.


Paris, you have been absolutely beautiful and kind to me. Your legendary snobbery has proved to be nothing but a myth. You’ve been a boon for the soul. But as excited as I was to come here and wander your streets, I’m now equally excited to head home.


Even if I have to leave the bread behind. 😉



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