Wednesday July 12

It’s day three for me here in Paris.

The first few days were a little slow, with not near enough sleep and some serious jet lag. The last week in fact has been a whirlwind of activity. Actually, if I’m honest, the last several months have been indescribable – it started out with a life changing pronouncement that highlighted the fact that staying on James Street in Milton was no longer a viable option that rolled into two months of dealing with almost every conceivable ill that could go wrong in a house and needed dealing with and then…dealing with it.

I really didn’t know where I was going to go and what I was going to do. I chewed on the options until they all made me quite nauseous just by the sheer volume of them.

One wants to make the RIGHT decision, but how does one DO that when there’s really no WRONG option to steer them into what’s right?

I rely heavily on gut these days but my head does still from time to time get in the way of what my gut is trying to tell me.

And what my gut was saying was this: Financially, the Milton area was no longer cheap enough to live in for a single mother, even one with healthy support. This was heartbreaking. I had lived in this area, this side of the GTA for most of 28 years. My girls are moving on to post secondary in Eastern Ontario. Aside from friends, there was no one holding me here. I needed some place that would afford me a life and the ability to write. It was time to look towards my hometown of Brighton.

This was epic timing on the universe’s part.

My house sold in the most opportune market possible and so began the arduous task of packing. And purging the final remnants of an ex- marriage that were no longer serving me to keep them.

So now here I sit in Paris, reflecting on all of that. It was something of a mind melt to pack up a house that was going in several directions. It was also the first time I’ve moved on my own (with kids in mind) without a spouse leading the way and doing the heavy lifting. It was all me, with the help of my girls and a close friend, Nancy. There were others (my mom in particular) cheering me on from a distance.

Leading up to moving day, we had a graduation and a prom to work in for Maddie.

Maddie and Oma at graduation.

My mother came for the graduation and after some crazy stressful news from a couple different quarters upon our return home that evening, she landed in the emergency at the hospital. Stress is a B.I.T.C.H.. That quite literally took out a full 24 hours from our lives. I am just not capable of pulling all nighters anymore. I was barely able to do that when I was a teenager! Mom is okay by the way. She has stuff to follow up on, but she made it here to France so all is good.

Moving day hit, and it was emotional. I totally cried at the end. Just burst into tears on the back deck after the movers were done. This was my dream house and there was so much more meant for it when it was purchased. The girls were emotional too. We all understood it was time to move on, but we all needed a moment.

Me and my girls at the very end of the moving day after some heavy emotions.

It was the final drama and curtain closed on a marriage and life we all saw so differently 4 years ago.

After leaving the girls at their Dad’s, I headed to Trenton to stay with my mom for a few days and decompress from moving day. It was lovely in that I got to stay in their boathouse which is soothing over the water, but hard in that my girls are now living with their dad. It’s the end of the era of us 3 girls all living together 24/7. It was a hard thing for all of us to take, and meant more than a few tears flowed that week. A final few fun days at Sue’s cottage with some fantastic news to seal the end of a difficult week was a great way to flow into Paris.(More on this news to follow shortly.)

For this first week though, my girls and my mom are here with me as I share with them some adventures in showing them around Paris. Last night was our first adventure and it was fabulous!

We totally stumbled into the Latin Quarter and were completely wowed!

Standing outside the chocolatier's in the Latin Quarter

Paris Latin Quarter – chocolaitier!

We also found a chocolatier that we all went into and indulged. I bought some meringue as big as my head. No joke. Sprinkled in chocolate too!  I’m actually thinking it might be a good breakfast move this morning. Along with mimosa’s since my AirBnb host left us a bottle of champagne to celebrate our arrival. Need to go wake up the balance of this crazy household and get todays plans under way! It’s supposed to pour rain today, so it feels like a great day for the Louvre!

À Votre Santé!

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