In December of 2016 I released my first book, The Princess and The Whale.

I wrote it for my daughter when she was 7 years old, after she had experienced an episode of bullying that forever changed her. But I published it for me.

The story is an allegory for life, and has brought so many life lessons that I continue to learn from it, even now. While it was a story originally for a little girl, it’s become a story of my life. It likely mirrors the life of almost everyone at some time or another.

We’ve all been on an island, metaphorically, at some point. While many of us may crave change, change can be crazy uncomfortable. It could end us up in a place we did not intend or could foresee. Sometimes, a major life change, such as being bullied, the death of a loved one, or divorce, pulls us out of our complacency. It forces re-examination of our life. But first, it often drops us smack dab onto the island of FEAR…it leaves you feeling very lonely.

In the case of a chronically bullied child, the fear can cause them to shrink so much that they want to become invisible. Inevitably, shame takes over because not only do they feel there is something wrong with them to be picked on so badly, they feel that they are just innately “wrong”.

When you judge your very existence on the planet to be wrong and you have no sense of purpose other than to remain invisible you then have a spiralling ball of fear and loneliness that can keep you on Fear Island for a long time.

How do you get off this island? This is where the whale from the story fits in. Prior to the rediscovery of this beautiful story I’d written, I had a dream that I was walking on a beach at night and this whale breached up out of the water in front of this beautiful silver moon. But weirdly, I was not only the girl on the beach, I was also the whale!

Some have suggested God or the Universe was trying to remind me of the story I had written, and maybe so. The story was still long lost at this point and not even in the realm of my memory. After much reflection, there were a couple of points that came to the surface for me. I was on an island at that point of my life without much of a dream or a purpose for myself. I was a wife and a mother. All good things, but there was nothing there of me, or for me. There were changes coming and it was going to be crazy uncomfortable and for a long time through that I was gripped in fear of what the future was going to bring. But the whale brought me two ideas for myself.

One, that I was going to thrive from this life change and two, I can be and am bigger than I thought I was.

If someone were to have told me I was going to become an author and self-publish my children’s story, I would have laughed at them. But when I rediscovered that story and the last scene was identical to my dream, it was such a huge moment of discovering my purpose that it became a complete change of direction for me. I want to help others get off their island and stories are a fantastic way to help facilitate change and learn lessons without being so obvious.

When things are obvious, they get ignored. When they are discovered, they are treasured.

If you are in a place of fear, of feeling a lack of purpose or you are invisible within your own life, you too can get off the island. You are bigger than you think you are! You just need to rediscover for yourself what your purpose is and begin to work, even a little, every day to make it happen. When you take that step of bravery, no matter how small, no matter how scary, the universe will rise to meet you. You know what your dream is, it may have been a while since you dreamt it, but it’s no less valid today than it was when you first dreamed it. What small step of bravery will you take today?

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