Our power in how we present ourselves to the world lies in how we perceive ourselves.

How I learned this concept is through a little girl named Aleena who is teeny tiny but owns any room she walks into. She is the power house young daughter of a good friend. Her stature is petite; she has a shockingly thick head of black hair and fixating dark eyes.  She’s likely one of the smallest kids in her class and for reasons only known to her she has renamed herself, The Big Aleena.

Showing off her printing skills she wrote her name down for me on a piece of paper and it made my breath catch! Frankly, I wanted to be her in that moment. She stood back, with her hands on her hips in that Super Woman stance that emanates power.

And she did this innately without having to be told how to do it, and I know she doesn’t know who Super Woman even is.

Why was it so powerful then? Why hadn’t I managed up to that point to rename myself The Big Bobbi?

It was powerful because she believed it.

That’s it! Voila! She believed it so for her it was absolutely real. And it was. I certainly believed her!

So I need to change what I believe about myself. Aleena had not listened to the world around her. She hadn’t believed them about what their usual banter would likely circle around her as to what is true about her. Just because she is small does not mean she doesn’t have power. She’s powerful because she believes she is powerful.

So when she then presented me with a ticket to the show that she wanted to perform for me she asked me what name I would like to have printed on the certificate. That was an easy choice at that moment.

The Big Aleena smiled and happily accommodated my request.

My name is The Big Bobbi.


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