I wanted to share the story of how the Princess and The Whale came to be here!

I am so thrilled with how this interview of my story came together! Thanks so much to Hayden (Rory) Narine from Cogeco TV and Halton Review.

On January 19th, Hayden Narine of Cogeco TV arrived at my house to interview Yasmin and myself about the process of bringing my first book, ” The Princess and The Whale” to print. Having never been interview on TV before, I’m feeling pretty good that my level of nerves didn’t show through as much as I thought they would. It was really so much fun! And when Hannah popped downstairs to grab a glass of water we decided to include her in the interview. The book was written for her after all!

So Hayden, after having made each of us feel comfortable, he turned on his camera and started asking questions. I was so proud of both Yasmin and Hannah and the way they handled themselves. For being 19 years old, they each were very graceful about what they had to share about their part in book.

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