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Local to Brighton, ON we are delighted to serve our clients directly from the store.

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We are excited to launch our new online store for all your essential bird feeding needs.
We are working hard to add all of those critical items to the store starting with food.

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Covid-19: We are still open!

In an effort to protect you, our customers, my family, myself, and the staff of The Birdhouse we have moved to a Porch Pick Up and Local Delivery model. This has allowed us to stay open during this crisis to make sure you have access to the birds in your backyard to bring you joy. We are practising hand washing and sanitizing when needed, and products are wiped down with Norwex BacLock Envirocloths that are rated 99% effective in picking up pathogens that can make us ill. This helps us ensure that chemicals do not impact the birds we seek to bring to your feeders. We do, however, recommend that when you get your products home you clean to your own specifications being mindful of our feathered friends.

New Porch Pick-up Service and Limited Local Home Delivery

We are excited to launch our online store so that we can continue to fulfil your essential bird feeding needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

Retail Store: Our retail store is closed to the public, however, we have added new services to reduce direct contact and support socials distancing.

Porch Pick-up: To assist our local store customers, we have implemented a Store Porch pick-up service. Once you place your order, we will give you a call to arrange a pickup time.

Limited Local Delivery: For those that are not able to make it to the store, and who live within 25km of the store, we are offering a limited local delivery option.

Payment: To limit exposure, and to maintain social distancing, we are only accepting credit card and debit payments, no cash. It is highly preferred that you order right here, online. However, if you’re unable to complete the transaction online then, please call us.



The Right Stuff \Refill Bucket Program

YES! We are still offering the refill service here at the store during the COVID-19 crisis. If you have buckets that need refilling, please order the RIGHT20RF for 20lb refill or RIGHT10RF for 10lb refill. When you come to the store for your time-slotted porch pick up of your order, you will find we have a process in place to facilitate our program.
Place the buckets, with lids off, on the white X on the front porch and back up to the second X marked for your social distancing protection.
We will refill your buckets without touching your buckets and will then step back.
You replace the lid(s) and step back to the second X.
We will then stamp your lids and you are good to go! Thank you for your order and for continuing to participate in the Little Seeds, Big Ripples Initiative.

Ok Kids. This one is for you.

We at The Birdhouse knows that it sucks to be stuck at home with everything going on so we want to do something fun and take our minds off the yuck.

We’re going to give you something to do. Something fun.

You get to make an art project!

Anything you want so long as its original. A drawing. A painting. A photo. A song or a poem. A video (30 seconds max). Something built out of lego or a sculpture made out of mud. Your choice! It just has to be an ORIGINAL.

But….It has to be part of this theme…

“Why kids need nature”

Maybe the birds in your backyard will inspire you. Maybe you like bugs? Maybe the trees and sunshine make you smile.

Make sure your name and age are attached to it and submit it to store@thebirdhouse.ca. We won’t accept mail or drop-offs at the store. We just want to see pictures or video of whatever you’ve done sent by email!

You’ll get your name entered into a draw to win a “make your own birdhouse kit”. Which will give you something else to do…there’s 10 available to win.

Getting the idea? Good!!

Submit by April 3 2020

All submissions may be used in a video I’ll post on Facebook to make the rest of us smile. Because we all need to these days!

Mom and Dad need to let me know it’s ok for you to send stuff to us. And they need to be willing to possibly pick up a Birdhouse Kit on our porch if your name gets pulled on April 4th.

Ready? Set…….Go!

Remember social distancing

The project cannot be worked on with friends, but siblings working together would be ok. Got it? Good!

Birdhouse Nature Store: Products


Our wide range of bird seed is of the highest quality, often locally sourced, and available in package sizes to suit your budget and needs. 


Our wide range of suet based bird food products are of the highest quality, often locally sourced, and full of nutritional goodness.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Call us! We are still building our online store and we are adding more products every day. In the meantime, if you can’t find what you’re looking for then please give us a call.

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